Take your employees or clients to Paris for a European corporate entertainment or team building event. We can offer the following creative events in association with our Paris partners ...

We work with you to provide a bespoke and memorable teambuild or corporate event to suit your teams needs.

Parisian Monopoly - Play Monopoly for real using famous streets and places in Paris, clues and activities designed specifically for your team or client, have fun and explore Paris in an unusual way.

Hercule Poirot Mystery Night - OK, so he's a Belgian but so what, he was a cosmopolitan character! Become Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot and solve a murder in Paris. Who knows what could happen ...

Dinner in the caves at Champagne - If you really want to impress a client, then provide a spectacular dinner deep in the torch lit caves of one of the top Champagne houses in Epernay.

Gala Dinner - Celebrating a company milestone? We create a spectacular event to mark the occasion, it could be a dinner and fireworks in the grounds of a Chateau or maybe a party on a boat along the Seine.

But our true forte is in creating a novel corporate event or team building day specifically for you - the above illustrate just some of the events we can arrange. Consider wine tours, chocolate tasting ....

Corporate Hospitality and Events Management

It is important to make your company stand out from the crowd as many clients have already experienced much of the 'traditional' type of hospitality.

The challenge is delivering an event they will remember and talk about for a long time - will a box at a sporting event do that?

Why come to us for your event:-

Give your company the corporate edge - a trip to France will be remembered. All you do is talk to us, we come up with the creative ideas. You then have the hard choice of which to choose then all of the organising is done for you.

For more details email or phone Andy 07050 383698